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Sigma API Specification
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LangLib - Class in com.articulate.sigma.nlp.constants
POS Tag is derived from Penn POS

Dependency Labels is from Stanford Typed Dependencies.

LangLib() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.nlp.constants.LangLib
language - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.HTMLformatter
language - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
The natural language in which axiom paraphrases should be presented.
LanguageFormatter - Class in com.articulate.sigma.nlg
A class that handles the generation of natural language from logic.
LanguageFormatter(String, Map<String, String>, Map<String, String>, KB, String) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.nlg.LanguageFormatter
LanguageFormatterStack - Class in com.articulate.sigma.nlg
The stack which LanguageFormatter uses in its recursive operations.
LanguageFormatterStack() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.nlg.LanguageFormatterStack
languageToCode(String) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.OMWordnet
lastCCheck(String) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.CCheckManager
Returns the timestamp of when the last consistency check was run on this KB.
lastModified - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Hotel
lat - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Hotel
lcodes - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.OMWordnet
lemmatize(Tokens) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.datesandnumber.Utilities
lemmatizeResults(List<String>, List<CoreLabel>) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Interpreter
Lemmatize the results of the dependency parser, WSD, etc.
level - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Hotel
Lexer - Class in com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite
Lexer() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
Lexer(String) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
Lexer(File) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
Read a text file into the "input" String variables.
LHS - Class in com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite
LHS ::= ClausePattern Match & delete atomic clause +ClausePattern Match & preserve atomic clause LHS, LHS Boolean conjunction (LHS | LHS) Boolean disjunction —LHS Boolean negation {ProcedureCall} Procedural attachment
LHS() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.LHS
lhs - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Rule
LHS.LHSop - Enum in com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite
lhs1 - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.LHS
lhs2 - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.LHS
line - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
lineno() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.StreamTokenizer_s
Return the current line number.
linepos() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
lines - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.nlp.TFIDF
lineSeparator - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.DocGen
listLength() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
Returns a non-negative int value indicating the top-level list length of this Formula if it is a proper listP(), else returns -1.
listP() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
Test whether the Formula is a list.
listP(String) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
Test whether the String is a list.
literal - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
Literal - Class in com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite
Literal() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Literal
literalListToFormula(List<String>) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
Converts a literal (List object) to a Formula.
literalListToString(List<String>) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
Converts a literal (List object) to a String.
literalToArrayList() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
lnames - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.OMWordnet
lng - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Hotel
loadEProver() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
Starts EProver and collects, preprocesses and loads all of the constituents into it.
loadFormatMaps(String) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
Populates the format maps for language lang.
loadFormatMapsAttempted - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
This List is used to limit the number of warning messages logged by loadFormatMaps(lang).
loadFormulas(Iterable<String>) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.SInE
Loads formulas from given source.
loadKB(String, List<String>) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.KBmanager
loadRules(String) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Interpreter
loadRules() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Interpreter
loadRuleSet() - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.RewriteRuleUtil
load RuleSet from "SemRewrite.txt"
localCounter - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.DocGen
LOG_FALSE - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
LOG_TRUE - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
LOGICAL_OPERATORS - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
The SUO-KIF logical operators.
logicallyEquals(String) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
Test if the contents of the formula are equal to the argument at a deeper level than a simple string equals.
logicallyEquals(Formula) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
Test if this is logically equal with the parameter formula
Login - Class in com.articulate.sigma
Login() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.Login
look() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
lookLit() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
lookType() - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.semRewrite.Lexer
lowerCaseMode(boolean) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.StreamTokenizer_s
Determines whether or not word token are automatically lowercased.
lowRate - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Hotel
LP - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
LT - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
LTET - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
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Sigma API Specification