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Sigma API Specification
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KAPPAFN - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Formula
kb - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.DependencyConverter
kb - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.DocGen
The KB associated with this DocGen object.
kb - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.DocGen.PresentationNameComparator
KB - Class in com.articulate.sigma
Contains methods for reading, writing knowledge bases and their configurations.
KB(String, String) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KB
Constructor which takes the name of the KB and the location where KBs preprocessed for EProver should be placed.
KB(String, String, boolean) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KB
KB(KB) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KB
Perform a deep copy of the kb input
KB(String) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KB
kb - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.KBcache
kb - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.OWLtranslator
kb - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.Prolog
kb - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.SUMOKBtoTPTPKB
kbCache - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
KBcache - Class in com.articulate.sigma
KBcache(KB) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KBcache
KBcache(KBcache, KB) - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KBcache
kbConsistencyCheck(KB) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.Diagnostics
Iterating through all formulas, return a proof of an inconsistent or redundant one, if such a thing exists.
kbDir - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.KB
The location of preprocessed KIF files, suitable for loading into EProver.
kbHref - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.HTMLformatter
kbHref - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.TaxoModel
KBmanager - Class in com.articulate.sigma
This is a class that manages a group of knowledge bases.
KBmanager() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KBmanager
kbName - Static variable in class com.articulate.sigma.TaxoModel
kbs - Variable in class com.articulate.sigma.KBmanager
KButilities - Class in com.articulate.sigma
Contains utility methods for KBs
KButilities() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KButilities
KIF - Class in com.articulate.sigma
A class designed to read a file in SUO-KIF format into memory.
KIF() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KIF
KIF2THF(Collection<Formula>, Collection<Formula>, KB) - Method in class com.articulate.sigma.THF
public String KIF2THF(Collection axioms, Collection conjectures, KB kb) { // string builders for the essential results of the translation: // signature, axioms, and conjectures StringBuilder signatureResult = new StringBuilder(); signatureResult.append("\n%%% The extracted Signature %%%"); StringBuilder axiomsResult = new StringBuilder(); axiomsResult.append("\n\n%%% The translated axioms %%%"); StringBuilder conjecturesResult = new StringBuilder(); conjecturesResult.append("\n\n%%% The translated conjectures %%%"); // tags and a map to distinguish axioms from conjectures String axTag = "ax"; String conTag = "con"; HashMap taggedFormulas = new HashMap(); for (Iterator iter = axioms.iterator(); iter.hasNext();) { Formula ax = (Formula); taggedFormulas.put(ax,axTag); } for (Iterator iter = conjectures.iterator(); iter.hasNext();) { Formula con = (Formula); taggedFormulas.put(con,conTag); } // the main loop; we proceed formula by formula and work with side effects // to variables introduced above (I know that this is terrible programming style!) for (Iterator iter = taggedFormulas.keySet().iterator(); iter.hasNext();) { Formula form = (Formula); // formula f contains the explicitly quantified formula under // consideration, the quantifier (universal/existential) is // determined correctly for axioms and conjectures Formula f = new Formula(); if (taggedFormulas.get(form).equals(axTag)) {; } else if (taggedFormulas.get(form).equals(conTag)) {; } System.out.println("\nKIF2THF -- translating KIF formula: " + f.theFormula.trim()); // we request some semantic type-relevant information on the function and // relation symbols involved; this information is used with priority below HashMap relTypeInfo = f.gatherRelationsWithArgTypes(kb); // we initialize the terms-to-types mapping and start the actual translation terms = new HashMap(); String res = toTHF1(f,boolTp,relTypeInfo); // toTHF1 may return a THF translation that still contains many occurences // of the (kind of) polymorphic 'unkownTp' and in this case we apply further // translation attempts employing the incrementially refined term-to-type // information.
kifListToArrayList(String) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.StringUtil
Returns a new ArrayList formed by extracting in order the top-level members of kifListAsString, which is assumed to be the String representation of a SUO-KIF (LISP) list.
KIFplus - Class in com.articulate.sigma
A class designed to adhere strictly to the SUO-KIF definition at
KIFplus() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.KIFplus
kifToW3c(String) - Static method in class com.articulate.sigma.StringUtil
KMeans - Class in com.articulate.sigma.nlp
KMeans() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.nlp.KMeans
KMeansVec - Class in com.articulate.sigma.nlp
KMeansVec() - Constructor for class com.articulate.sigma.nlp.KMeansVec
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Sigma API Specification